The Producers

By Lynell Boston Kollar, Settlement Manager

“We are the backroom, the cleaning service sweeping the corners that have been overlooked and leaving no cobwebs. We all get the same LAUNDRY LIST, BUT IT IS UP TO US TO BE THE LINK, TO BE THE LIAISON BETWEEN LENDER, BORROWER AND, THE ATTORNEY TO MAKE THE CLOSING PROCESS AS LEVEL AS POSSIBLE.  Understanding and implementing the LIST is a matter of balancing the interests of the different players and paying attention to detail.  We are the interpreters of the check list on behalf of these actors, ready to tweak the requested,  “Blah…Blah… Blah, with the more accurate “BA…BA…BA”.  This attitude, effort and due diligence will result in matching to perfection,Lender and Borrower. Result”: Happy Bank, Happy Borrower.  We then show up at the closing stage in our opera length pearls while anticipating a standing ovation.

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In fact, we are the PRODUCERS billing for the same nickel, but doing 25¢ worth of work: we edit the script by picking up unnoticed errors, deal with the “Cranky Directory” (the attorney )as his/her Second Chair and we deal with the other actors [borrower(s)] while asking them to pay for the “Admission Ticket to the “Play of the Year” to which they  will graciously say, thank you very much.

This is what we call “Better Title than before.  Since, every article was navy- bed neat, tucked tight and ready, we passed inspection.”