Meet the Team

Patricia J. Hessing, Esq., LLM

Patricia J. Hessing, Esq., LLM, established her first agency in 1989 which she until 1999. That same year she was offered the opportunity become lead Counsel for a foremost Title Agency to read and produce New Jersey and National commercial commitments. In 2001, she was again offered the prospect of establishing, organizing and managing daily operations for a new title agency from inception. From the start she became the Lead Underwriting Counsel for both New Jersey and New York where she also read, produced the commitments for multimillion dollar commercial projects in New York State as well as for major lenders and mortgage brokers on both the purchases and refinances. In that same year she established a very successful New York Foreclosure Department.

2002 came around and she was standing at the threshold of yet another well-known and established title agency where she was selected as the Underwriting Counsel for New Jersey and New York. She then proceeded to launch and manage the New York Title Insurance Department and became the Lead Counsel for multimillion dollar acquisition work for major developers.

In 2010 she proudly founded Title Masters LLC. Once again she was an owner, Manager and Lead Underwriting Counsel. The skill sets learned since 1989 along with a carefully chosen skilled staff she entered the next phase of her career: “a place called home where personal and professional growth and unique responsive service would become the core values.” As she always puts it: “We do our very best for our client. We are to service them and it is our duty to avoid any discomfort. It is our job not to complain, fix, offer prompt solution, and lead from the underwriting side.” Her experience, knowledge and enthusiasm have made it a fun place to work where the key words surrounding all of us are: support, respect, acknowledgement, fairness and education. That is the greatest benefit to our clients.

Kenneth B. Metz, Esq.

Bio coming soon

Walter E. Bonilla

Walter was an educator for 33 years, passionate about his profession. His colleagues would repeatedly say: “You are having too much fun. I can’t believe they are paying you. I am amazed at how many cats you can pull out of a bag.” His favorite line coming from his students was: “I never know what to expect in your classroom, but I love the surprises.” He dedicated his life to create individual programs and teaching strategies on all levels of education in Romance Languages and Literature and his all-time favorite, children’s stories and poetry.

Inventiveness, creativity, cooperation and individualization in education would become his trademark in his title career. He would implement the same values and would make sure that everyone around him would follow his lead. His personal efforts in being genuine and caring have always been his priority.

Title gave him the opportunity to examine “Service.” He always acknowledges how grateful he is by working with colleagues with the same values. He is still teaching, learning from everyone, observing and writing about the fundamentals of serving in the title industry. He emphasizes the study and the recognition of changes in the industry as well as becoming part of the change; distinguish the agency and pass-along Title Masters’ credibility and commitment.

His professional and personal beliefs is that we are just part of the whole, all of us working together to do the “Right” thing by always acting and cooperating in good faith with all parties concerned.

Douglas S. Born

Douglas S. Born, is an account manager for Title Masters, committed to our goal of streamlining real estate purchase, refinancing and short sales. Doug brings integrity to his role with his previous experience as a licensed financial representative and professional procurement manager for 28 years in the chemical industry.

On a personal note he loves being Grandpa Doug as well as his feline friends. He finds daily inspiration in his wife Heidi’s strength and commitment thru both challenging and good times. Doug has been married for 24 years where balance and transparency are the support system of his core values. This is something that he has brought and shares each day with Title Masters as well as with his clients.

Douglas told us a story that when he was child his grandmother would bellow out: “Douglas Scott Born (emphasis on Scott),” whenever she wanted his attention or for him to do a house chore. Doug tells us that his first reaction was to look for the nearest window. The rest would become history. Today, that same little boy; now a very serious man yet with a sense of humor stands extremely attentive, ready and prepared at the threshold of our clients.

A quote from Doug explains a lot: “We are proud to serve you and to make you smile.”

Matt Campbell

Highly motivated, results oriented Real Estate executive with diversified experience in Lending, Land Acquisition, Forecasting, Networking and Operations in a fast-paced corporate environment; establishing the mold for end-to-end Real Estate organizational leadership.

Extensive experience in negotiating customer and attorney contract disputes during the attorney review process acting as Seller's Agent; staying well versed on routine industry hot button matters such as radon and environmental concerns, appraisal issues, Fannie Mae and FHA lending requirements, and Homeowner Association litigation. The ability and knowledge to work through closing table issues that may arise resulting from final walk through, Lender funding condition, clouds on title, etc.

Additionally, remains committed to developing a marketing strategy that targets new lines of business focused on the latest industry trends as well as the ever evolving real estate and lending regulatory environment. Matt is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, is married to wife Kristen, and they spend most of their time with daughter Madison doing activities around local parks and playgrounds.

Marcela Castro

Marcela Castro was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1971. She spent most of her teens in the suburbs where she graduated from high school. She then moved to the big city of Bogotá, where was admitted to the school of Law and Political Science of the University Externado of Colombia. She graduated in 1997 as a JD.

She moved to the U.S in 1998. She obtained her Title Insurance Producers License in 2004, and has worked in all levels of the title insurance business to the present. In 2011, she joined Title Masters’ Settlement Department as a Title Officer and as an Account Manager for both Residential and Commercial transactions.

Jackie Khemchand

Jackie Khemchand was born in Guyana, South America on March 23, 1978 and established her US permanent residency 1989. She was the first person in her family to attend and graduated college. She attended P.S# 8 Elementary school, then graduated and attended Dickinson High School in Jersey City NJ. She graduated in the top 10% in her senior class which lead to acceptance to New Jersey City University where she acquired a BA in English Literature.

Shortly after graduation, she took a position as a County Searcher at the Hudson County Courthouse as a Title Searcher. In her new career she quickly found out the benefits of her educational background in reading and research. These would become fundamentals as she entered the title profession where attention to detail is indispensable.

Now prepared with her new set of skills she became part of Title Masters in 2012.

She conveyed to Title Masters her value of detail, organization and a very strong work ethic. Immediately, she would share her main goal and commitment in life: “SIMPLICITY, GIVING, being the BEST PROFESSIONALLY and PERSONALLY.” This attitude has become an invaluable complement to our agency and to our clients.

She always reminds us of her parent’s lesson: “My parents taught me that life is not about money but, about the values you can teach. Every day I try to live by that lesson and teach it to my gorgeous 5 year old son, Adedeji Bolaji.”

Lynell Boston Kollar

Lynell Boston Kollar is a lifetime resident of NJ and is enjoying thirty plus years of a fulfilling career in real estate.

Lynell holds both a NJ Title Insurance Producer license and a Real Estate Sales License. Her education includes paralegal certification, an associate degree in business and a seat on the Supreme Court of the NJ Office of Ethics District Fee Arbitration Committee.

Lynell was the former owner of THE LYNELL GROUP (TLG), a real estate transaction business where she worked with law firms, developers, mortgage companies and individual clients. TLG coordinated all the necessary elements leading to the completion of commercial and residential closings, as well as being responsible for all business development and management of the company operations, client files and staff.

Today, Lynell is enthusiastically the Settlement Manager for Title Masters LLC, where she is responsible for the overall operation and paralegal staff of the Settlement Department, coordination of daily operations, scheduling of closings and task distribution.

The value and benefit she brings to Title Masters, as well as to our clients is her commitment as direct liaison to the lending institutions and different vendors. This allows us to secure confirmation of title clearance to close and the funding of all transactions without unnecessary delays.

Lynell’s magnetic personality and energetic spirit inspires us as well as our clients to think of her as a “Social Connector.” She has been profiled in Essence Magazine, made several appearances on NBC’s today show; CBS’s Early Show and was a Home News Tribune Lifestyle cover feature. She was the Founder and Director of Sister Circle, Inc., a professional women’s networking and wellness non-profit organization.

Ada Morell

Ada Morell, born in Cuba. At a very early age, she arrived in the USA in 1963. Graduated from Kean University in 1997 with a BA in English Education and a year later, she earned a Masters degree in Science Education from St. Joseph’s College of Maine.

Ada entered the legal industry where she would gain a lot of experience working as a certified paralegal and later on as a sales representative for a title agency while attending college and pursuing her graduate degree. Her dedication and tenacity would not come as a surprise to her friends, colleagues and family when she became Owner and President of A. M. Title Agency, Inc. in 1987. What is truly remarkable is that during all this time she was a single parent raising two children.

In 2012 she saw her next opportunity for growth, contribution and to better serve her clients and she joined Title Masters, LLC, in Westfield, New Jersey, a kindred agency in the capacity of Accounts Manager and Service Operations. She brought with her the same core of values and commitment.

Ada is the proud parent of her two children: Carlos Estevez, a New Jersey State Trooper and daughter, Lisa M. Stickel, a biology teacher and more importantly a grandmother to five grandchildren who are her best fans: Ayden, Carlos, Kyle, Kevin and Sarah.

And, there is no stopping ADA.

Jami Rosen

Jami Rosen has lived in New Jersey her entire life. Growing up in Montville and graduating from Rutgers College in 2007 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Communications and Political Science she is proud of her Jersey roots. Jami holds both a NJ Title Insurance Producer license and Paralegal Certification from Fairleigh Dickinson University. In 2010, she joined national homebuilder Pulte Group working in their Closing department as a Closing Coordinator where she helped buyers achieve their ultimate dream of homeownership. While working at Pulte Group she realized she wanted to expand on her desire to help people achieve their ultimate dream into resale purchases. She recently joined Title Masters’ as an Account Manager for both Residential and Commercial Transactions. She lives in Bridgewater and has been happily raising her dog Bailey with her college sweetheart of ten years, Ross.