About Us

We are a Team. Who really are these individuals? Let us take a closer look at these persons and get to know them and maybe, perhaps you will join one of them or all (yes, we are reaching) in a “Play Day.”

Patricia J. Hessing (Trish): our leader and mentor in underwriting has a lighter side to her life. She has a diverse cultural interest, an adventurous and a surprising fun side of her personality. She is an avid reader of mystery and suspense novels. Equally so or more she is a Civil War and general history fan, but more importantly a story teller of historical events. What may intrigue are her canoe and sea kayak expedition adventures in Canada and the USA. She paddles with her husband, Walter, both Whitewater Rivers and also quiet waters. Paddles and camps under the most difficult weather circumstances, still managing to be in charge of the kitchen and as evening comes creeping in, she takes a resolute stand against the swarm of invading mosquitoes outdoors as well as in the tent. She wins!

Walter Bonilla: a keen outdoorsman, former white-water canoe racer, canoer, sea-kayaker and remote river expeditionary. If you like rapids, camping and “mosquitoes” please join him. For the person who loves to work with her/his hands, Walter will teach you how to build cabinets. For the couch potato, he loves movies. For the artistic personality, he would love to share his Museum experience. For the talker, Walter is for you, or if you need a babysitter, contact him, for he is usually booked with surrogate grandchildren a/k/a Uncle Walter.

Doug Born: raised in Indiana, Terre Haute, on the banks of the Wabash River, Doug was “born” greeting everyone he meets with his Mid-West accent and baritone voice. He is married to Heidi who makes sure he is dressed to perfection. Not a hair out of place, not wrinkle anywhere, not a word or action out of line; Doug Born, looks like he just stepped out of a Dry Cleaning Press. Doug the gentleman, the consummate professional has become the face of the company: our values. Doug is always there to shake the hands of many, introduce you to new opportunities, to share his ideas and to find ways of making things work better for his clients. He is a builder of reliable relationships and a great personality that make him the most easily acceptable guy.

Matt Campbell: let’s enter the world of beautiful children and pageants. Not Matt of course, but his gorgeous daughter, Madison. He is married to Kristen, a beautiful “gal” and a teacher. Matt was a former football player and the remains of his stage 1 youth “sculpted built” still remains unchanged. He loves his quarter inch beard and with that perennial smile he has endeared himself to all. Matt loves golf, not a very good dancer, but he can certainly do the “swing.” Join him on the golf course and afterwards, at a sushi lunch.

Marcela Castro: just take the 7 letters of her first name and place them on top of 7 moving gears in slow motion and enunciate: M—a—RRRRRR—c-e-l-a. It does resonate, and along with her melodious Spanish accent, people listen and are delighted to have her speak. Marcela has quite the repertoire of interests: she is master chef of Colombian food where a simple “Guacamole Salad” turns the eye and the palate of those lucky to share a “little bite of the green.” She truly is a fantastic cook and always ready to deliver her best. Her husband Orlando not too enviously to all is the “intermittent” beneficiary. Marcela is a passionate camper and makes sure she brings with her all the comforts of home, particularly. a portable “Gas” heater, a “an inflatable Thermarest of incredible proportions, sleeping gear (for which we will not give any details… at this time) and a sleeping bag worthy of Artic weather. But, that is not all folks. Marcela is a Class A Zumba dancer holding the 5 hour Zumba dancing marathon record.

Jackie Khemchand: our “go to” person with an incredible work ethic, something that she learned as a young student when the power went out and she had to continue studying by candlelight without a single complaint in her native country of Guyana. Jackie is dependable with a smile in every way, putting everyone else first. Without any complaint, we are always amazed at how quickly she does things and how accurately. The only possible thing that could distract her focus is her handsome 5 year old son Deji. Deji just graduated from Kindergarten winning the perfect attendance award. According to his mother he deserves all the credit for being completely self-motivated and self-disciplined to go to school. He is now the focus of her life and to bring him up with the same values she was brought up and acquired throughout her life.

Lynell Boston Kollar: she is the hub of the wheel for Title Masters. She is a fabulous story teller and the “Queen” of the comeback and wit. A masterful skill of organization and management earning her welcoming acceptance and respect at work, and everywhere she goes. Our clients have experienced her ability first hand at the closing table. Lynell simplifies and puts things into perspective not just during the course of the day, but during title predicaments. The other side(s) of Lynell is her love of travel, getting together with friends and with the same, sitting at the beach, talking, sipping favorite Chardonnay and sunning for hours on end. She has quite a large family to which she attends many of their events with pride. Her family members excel in fields of law as well as theater and styling. Lynell loves restaurants and so many more things, but when she is exhausted from her many scheduled activities she rather go home to sit in her spacious living room with Francois, her favorite cat whom she has trained to watch television with or without her.

Ada Morell: when you are a grandmother of three beautiful children, when you can buy out a “Milliner” by loving to wear so many hats, and you can out run the “Energy Bunny” that is the person we want to work with. Ada is not only dedicated to her clients, the business, her family, but to the community as well. Ada is very well esteemed by her clients, colleagues and friends. You can always count on Ada to do and follow-up on what she says. People just love to spend time with her even though at times she declines very politely to spend time with her grandchildren. It is the quality of her presence and independence that is genuine and respected by all. She is an advocate of the values we make an effort to practice. She is supportive in every way which has made her the perfect partner for Title Masters. When you first meet Ada, her incredible energy and dedication will be felt by you.

Jami Rosen: enthusiastic, intelligent, all you expect of “young energy” coupled with understanding of relationships and aptitude for networking. Every day she tries to live her life and focus on the important things as much as possible! Spending time with her family and traveling are the two most important aspects of her life. She really enjoys experiencing other cultures and implementing their lifestyle into her own. Recently she and her husband traveled to Greece where she was amazed that even though their economy has struggled over the years they still maintain a positive attitude. She wanted to bring that same energy and positivity home with her. She hopes one day to be able to attend a tickertape parade and experience the elation of winning a championship especially for one of her underdogs to which she makes a commitment to support and cheer for. In her free time she enjoys being active by playing golf, boating, going to the beach or taking her dog Bailey for long walks. She also likes reading, drinking wine and socializing with friends. One thing that surprises most people when they get to know her is discovering that she is an avid reader and can finish a book in one day.