Why Choose Title Masters

For Title Insurance to work, its rules and guidelines need to be based on good underwriting. At Title Masters, the option of “business decisions” is set aside by us by judiciously managed and balanced underwriting. The benefit to us and our client and to the consumer is to offer diligent risk and liability management.

When we started the agency in 2010 we were facing an adverse, muddled and uncertain title insurance market. We started growing amidst a culture of distrust and pessimism. Therefore, in order to restore confidence and trust from our clients, we pledged that regardless of any given market circumstance, we would make title insurance work soundly.

Being the NEW KID on the block we were confident that we would succeed. Failure was not an option. What was going to makes us diverse, marketable and trusted? Among our staff, we already had the combined experience of 40 years in the commercial and residential real estate industry; we had Patricia Jane Hessing, Esq. and LLM, a veteran and expert counsel and underwriter for over 30 years, the budget and a sustainable book of business. So how did we move forward?

We decided we would start with the name. We did not want a regional or geographic name. The name “Lenape Title LLC” was just not going to cut it. We wanted a name that underscored longevity, experience, knowledge, skill, ethics and trust. Thus, the name “Masters” came to be. We would offer “checkmate” for both ourselves and our clients.

The next step was to create a brick and mortar agency and, it would only happen if we hired vital experienced individuals with a team philosophy and an understanding of all the working parts; a team as polite and courteous as well as knowledgeable; a system of underwriting keys and procedures serving as safeguards; and an organization regarding its clients as partners by treating them “one at a time.” In addition, to our general services we established the Settlement Department founded on collective-team effort and accepted practice to reach our success. Therefore, availability, responsiveness, communication, prompt communication today, client management and a good spillover attitude to help the client, absent of callous expressions such as is “not my job” became customary and proven.

Thus, the agency grew and tripled its book of business in two and half years. We started with three persons and today, we have a staff of ten and looking to grow even further with your support.


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