Positively Affecting the Residential Realtor

By Walter E. Bonilla

Our goal at Title Masters is to assist our attorneys and the Lenders on any matters that may affect or delay the closing. All work is done in house under very strict guidelines to assure the comfort and lessen “Hoop Jumping” for all participating parties. Making everyone feel good about being a pro-active contributor is a valued precedence.

Real Estate does not have to be complex or arduous if you are dealing with an agency that understands the importance of having procedures in place by helping all parties navigate to their destination. We understand the value of home ownership as a financial investment and lifestyle/quality choice. We have an obligation to your client to present conclusive evidence that the title is clear and marketable. Therefore, we are giving composure to you and your client.

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At Title Masters we are aware that a real Estate Transaction is a “House of Cards.” All parts and all parties need to work together. One misplaced card can bring the “House” down.  Knowing where all yours are at one given time is “Title Insurance” and peace of mind.

We realize we are part of a very competitive market.  What is it that thing makes us different? We like to help, we are always available and we are pleasant. For us the consequence has been growth at a steady pace and client appreciation through testimonials: “We like working with you. What you say and what you do, we know is heartfelt.” We have a large base of attorney clients that respect and value our commitment.

Our community in Westfield is very important to us. We chose Westfield as crossroads to our surrounding neighbors and adjacent Counties to Union County. Simple, we could then offer immediate and expedient service to our communities to which we have a notable sense of familiarity.

We selected Account Managers with very diverse backgrounds that would be willing to be involved in the community as part of a Network group, Volunteer Groups, Women Groups, Chambers of Commerce and Non-Profit Organizations. Today we have seven Account Managers involved and committed to different organizations from Hoboken all the way to Hillsborough. We are not only participating in referral activities, education and training.  Our vision is: “Helping to make your business more successful, benefits us all.”

We also understood the need for a Bilingual Agency in our community.  Therefore, we hired fluent Spanish and Portuguese Account Managers.  We made a commitment in understanding and becoming familiar with our cultural diversity in the State of NJ.  Many of our attorneys have a diverse practice and there are cultural differences in how things are presented to clients and how they are treated.  As an agency we are a diversified group colleagues representing different cultural groups. 

Our next step was to select Strategic Partners as part of a cooperative and co-educational effort to create teams of collaboration.  These Strategic Partners would represent the trades as well as Land and Environmental Experts to an Architect Consultant. We enlisted the help of family members as consultants in Banking and Marketing. They proved to be invaluable to or agency as well as to our clients due to their expertise with Lenders and general marketing.

Pairing and working with persons of like values would become a principal strategy. This would lead to considering the needs of the clients, the consumer and our strategic partners.  In addition, by developing a relationship with all the different support services to the title industry we would complete the circle of service and best practices.

Title Masters is an agency with a vision committed to practicing the same values.  The strength and the success of our business are due to our team. We come together when things are difficult, when results 

Following is a breakdown; an outline of particulars and services offered by Title Masters that will make the real estate transaction a smooth and pleasant experience.

  • Volume Production Readiness: To meet its current needs, development, projected growth and changes in an emergent market, Title Masters has a full Settlement Department. 
    • Lead Underwriting Counsel
    • Settlement Supervisor
    • Lead Paralegal/Attorney
    • Paralegal
    • In-House Closers
    • Account Managers
  • Responsiveness: Staying in touch is a priority. It can have favorable or adverse consequences.
    • Communication
    • Delivery
    • Personal Connection
    • Follow-up
  • Real Estate Attorneys: We work with a large network of attorney clients who have a very strong expertise in all aspects of real estate. 
  • Closing Locations: we make every effort to schedule your closing at a convenient location.
    • Attorney’s Office
    • Realtor’s Office
    • Strategic Partner Location
    • Title Masters Office
  • Consumers: They want to feel special at this point in time, that their needs are being addressed and fulfilled: 
    • Profiling the Consumer
    • Vision
    • Interests
    • Venue
  • Community Awareness/ Demographics: Living and working in the Community (includes neighboring towns) is part of our sociology and an essential component in establishing a CONNECTION. People like to know we know the ins and outs of the place they have chosen to live. “I know where you can get the best ice-cream.”
    • Ed. Centers
    • Entertainment
    • Transportation
    • Services
    • Hospital/Health Services
    • Schools: Public and Private
    • Shops
    • Restaurants
    • State, County and Municipality Calendar of Events
    • Bus./Family Plans
    • List of recommended and endorsed tradesman and other services
  • Lenders: Banks are in transition. The CONSUMER FRAUD PROTECTION BUREAU (CFPB) by 2015 will have more demands and regulations for the Lenders. We know the difficulties now, the volume of paperwork, the scrutiny and so much more. It is hard to predict what 2015 will bring nonetheless, Title Masters is ready to facilitate and help with any new procedures. Here are some of the things we can assist with:
    • Assistance with the Lenders
    • List of endorsed Loan Officers
    • Brochures for Homeowner Education and Prevention: 
      • “What to Bring and Expect at a Closing.”
      • “What is Title Insurance?”
      • “Why do I need Title Insurance?”
      • “Storage of Key Closing Documents.”
      • “Definition of Title Insurance Terms.”
      • “Paying off your Mortgage(s).”
      • “Entering into a Private Mortgage Agreement.”
      • “What Documents are recorded at the County and State Level?”
      • “What is a Tax Sale Certificate?”
      • “What is a Federal Tax Lien?”
      • “Understanding Association Dues.”
      • “Understanding Judgments.”
      • “What is a Construction Lien aka Mechanic’s Lien.”
  • Attorney Services: It is important to assist the attorneys on potential hitches, due diligence and/or changes in schedule that may delay a closing. The backing covers a range of services from a “Rushed Title Order” to a challenging lien. Listed below is a list of services, potential problems and “Must Do” duties in order to have the edge on getting to the closing table.
    • Full Settlement
    • Tracking Services on Liens
      • Discharge of Last Mortgage of Record
      • Discharge of Old Mortgages
      • Discharge of Tax Lien Certificates
      • Discharge of Federal Liens
      • Child Support Judgments
      • Condo Liens
    • State (Trenton) and County Clerk/Register Offices:
      • Walk-ins for recording
      • Same Day Recordings
      • Searcher(s) Responsiveness
      • Accessibility to Records
      • Request Compliance
    • Municipalities:
      • Working relationship with Tax Collector and Assessor
    • Condo Associations:
      • Working relationship to resolve pay-offs and/or liens
  • Title Costs Hitches:
    • Education on the explanation of charges and why
    • Education on understanding the importance of title insurance
  • Strategic Partners
  • Market and Banking Consultants: 
    • Abstracts on Banks
    • Market Analysis
  • Contractors on Demand:
    • Termite 
    • Handyman
    • Plumber/Heat & AC 
    • Environmental Expert: Underground Oil Tank Solutions
  • Education Seminars on Site: These seminars are being given free of charge by actual experts in the field.
    • Title Insurance Overview
    • Home inspector
    • Interior Designer
    • Architect
    • Painter (TBD)
    • Carpenter
    • Plumber
    • Floor and Rug Specialist
    • Attorneys
    • 1031 Exchange Expert
    • Surveyor (TBD)
    • Oil Tank Removal Representative
    • Marketing Plan
    • Financial Planning
    • Check List of what a buyer or seller will be potentially asking the realtor
  • The Market: It is a benefit to us and to our clients to monitor the market. We have to be prepared for changes, adjust and be ready to amend our approach and services. With changes and new regulations/guidelines we need to be mindful of compliance.